Xhevar "Joe" Adili

April 2023

Who was the well-known and appreciated humanist Xhevar Adili, known to many friends and customers as Joe at DifRanco’s restaurant? He was born in 1965 in Ladorisht, Albania. Xhevar attended primary school in his native place, then Niko Nestor secondary school. Xhevar Adili emigrated like everyone else to the USA, where he started working in a restaurant. In addition to work, Xhevar was active in all Albanian clubs and associations. He talked often out his experiences and the long stays on the streets of New York.

As a member of the Albanian club Hasan Prishtina in Waterbury, he supported many humanitarian activities. If you cross the road and head north to Litchfield and ask about Di Franco’s restaurant, you will learn that the owner is the humanist Joe Adili as soon as you enter the walls of the restaurant. DiFranco’s features photos of the village of Ladorisht and the city of Struge. There are also the songs of Selami Kolonje that accompany the start of work in the morning. The customers of the restaurant are curious to know about the importance of the photos on the wall. While Xhevari is hungry he tells them about his birthplace and origin. In addition to the menu and the facilities in the restaurant, all customers feel proud to meet the owner of the restaurant. The call is often heard: “Where is Joe?” Life really has sacrifices. Xhevar really worked for a better life. He contributed to the society.

The family, the society and the circle where they live will remember him fondly. The Adili family: Miliferi, Genci, Valoni, Jetoni and Alibioni are proud of Xhevar.

Rest in peace my friend — God Bless you Joe.