Statement of Principles for The Winsted Citizen

We must honor our duty to report without fear or favor.

“Everybody counts or nobody counts,” the motto of Michael Connelly’s fictional detective Harry Bosch, is our motto as well.  This means we have to treat you the same way as the next person  regardless of whether we have any pre-existing relationships – positive or negative.

As a local community paper, we literally work for you. It’s your paper. That means, as we say on the masthead, you tell us what’s important. We’ll fit in as much community news as we can, each edition.

We will never charge for obituaries, weddings, engagements or births. So send them on. We will edit and work with all those who submit news items to explain our news requirements and decisions. In the pilot edition you will see obituaries submitted by families. They decide what to submit. We decide what to publish, and we strive to exercise our judgment in a manner respectful to families.

We’re also human. We make mistakes. We will admit our mistakes as promptly as possible, apologize and continue working.

Thank you for allowing us into your homes, libraries, schools and businesses. We respect this privilege.

- Andy Thibault, Editor & Publisher


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